AZOBUX Terms and Conditions :

  Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy : 

This General Membership Agreement  between You (Earner or Advertiser) and Us "Azobux" sets out the terms of your membership.

You must read carefully, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of Membership Agreement by marking " I Agree '', means you agree to TOS.

If You do not agree to our Terms of Service, Please dont use services.


 1 : Responsibility of membership :  

     1.1. All people from any country are welcomed to join. 

     1.2. You must Register with real name which is matched with the name on the identification.

     1.3. You are not allowed to create more than 1 account per household or IP.

     1.4. Transfer, sell, share of your account to or with other users is prohibited.

     1.5. Using proxies, VPS, VPN, shared network environments and auto click software are not allowed.

     1.6. If you do not log in for more than 60 days your account will be marked as inactive . You can request  a reactivation but in that case your account balance will reset. If your account remains inactive for more than 90 days, then your account might get suspended.
     1.7. We do not share your information with anyone.

     1.8. Refering, buying and renting referrals are your sole decision.  We do not guarantee their activity. The amount of direct referrals and rented referrals is limited based on the membership.

     1.9. Members found abusing our TOS such as posting banners or back links on our Forum, or not following our rules, will have their account terminated, and any referrals or commissions will be lost.

    1.10. Members must be able to write and understand English. If you dont you can always use Google Translate . 

 2 : Payment to/from AzoBux terms :  

    2.1. Members will be paid all earnings and Advertisers can deposit via PayPal, Payeer, Bitcoin, Coinpayments, SolidTrust Pay and  Perfect Money. No other method of payment is available at this time.  

    2.2. Your full name must be same as your payment processor account for any kinds of transactions.

    2.3. All payments are non-refundable. We do not take responsibilities for funds that are sent to wrong addresses and/or accounts.

    2.4. You must have a valid email address upon your withdrawal request.

    2.5. We process the payments within 24  to 72 hours. but it may take up to 10 business days due to security reasons.

    2.6. The minimum cashout is $2.00, then $4.00, $6.00, till you reach a fixed amount of $10. 

    2.7. You are responsible to ensure the payment processor allows payments to your country.

    2.8. Adding payment proof on our forum is required. if you dont upload it on our forum, we have the right to hold your next payment until you upload payment proofs you got before. 


 3 : Referral Terms :  

    3.1. You are not required to get referrals, but you can have as many referrals as you want. Every referral should have unique and valid email address. It is not preferable the using of email generators, the emails from these sites are frequently used by cheaters and users who do no want to earn fair, but to create multiple accounts.

    3.2. You must not send unsolicited emails or force anyone to become your referral. You also can not use any service that attempts to sell your referrals. We can verify such incidents and they will result in account termination.

   3.3. You can only rent referrals when they are available and within the limits of your current membership. Having more referrals than the allowed amount will result the deactivation of the earning from all your referrals.

   3.4. Each click made by your direct or rented referrals will be credited to your account instantly if you have met the click requirements from the previous day.

    3.5. The number of referrals is limited based on the referrer’s current membership.
    3.6. How do you get referrals? 

 Use our banners online with your referral link, add the banner on your blog or website, share your  link with your friends on social media platforms. (you can find your referral's link in your account - Referral Link ). DO NOT FORCE ANYONE TO BE YOUR REFERRAL . 

    3.7. When the visitor clicks that banner, he/she will be sent to us. And then, all what he/she have to do is to register and be active, You'll start getting commission from them when they click ads. but if they are inactive you wont get anything from them.

 4 : Refund Policy : 

   4.1. ALL purchases are Non-refundable.

 5 : Anti-Cheat Policy :  

    5.1. If you are a cheater, Cheat as you want, but keep in mind each try to hack into our system will be logged. Actually, trying to hack into our system leads to account termination.

    5.2. We might inform you that your account was suspended and may not. 

 6  : Advertising Terms :  

   6.1. We accept any kind of advertisements except for the pages that break out of frames, have malicious codes or viruses, redirect to other page, have adult or illegal content. We also reserve the right to reject any advertisement that we don't see it fit to be displayed on our website.

   6.2. The website must not contain pornographic, racist, discriminating, vulgar, illegal or other adult materials of any kind. and must not contain any frame breakers.

   6.3. The website must not contain ANY prompts such as download dialogs or confirmation alerts. must not have a popup/pop under window or viruses.

   6.4Users are not allowed to watch Advertisements on smart phones or tablets.  If you do so we will suspend your account permenantly.  It is required to see the Advertisements on your  computer,  and  do not use autoclick sofwares. Doing this too it leads to account suspension. 


  7: Spam :  

     7.1. We have worked hard to stop spam promoters. there is no spam .

     7.2. The only emails or messages you will receive are periodic emails with information about updates, site specials and issues with the site.

  8: Rights & Liabilities :  

     8.1. will not be liable for any kind of delays or failures that are not directly related to azobux and therefore beyond our control.

     8.2. reserves the right to alter the Terms of Service at any time, including fees, special offers, benefits and rules, amongst others, and also reserves the right to cancel its services any time and without any notice with refunds given accordingly in this particular case.

      8.3. will not be held responsible for any of its users, advertisers or advertisements. This also includes every supplier we depend on.

     8.4 is not responsible for any tax payment for you on what you receive from us. It's your responsibility to declare what you've received and pay your country's taxes.

 10 : Account Suspension : 

     1.10. We have the right to suspend your account for any valid reason at anytime.


     Privacy Policy :     

 1 - What  information do we collect from you when you register on our site :

     1.1. When you register on our website, we may ask you to enter: your name, email , and/or mailing address, and/maybe your phone number, your birth date and gender and Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses.

     1.2. We collect and process your full name so we know that it is really you and to make sure all information match.

     1.3. We collect and process your address (only postal code, state, region and country) as most for surveys , data entry jobs, are geo-targeted to respondents from specific locations. We do this as it is necessary for our performance of a contract where you as a user are a party. We also collect information about aggregate our website usage. We may collect certain usage information from users.

     1.4. We collect IP addresses to track and aggregate non-personal information, such as using IP addresses to monitor the regions from where users navigate at our website and use our Services.

     1.5. We collect and process your E-mail to send you updates about our site, promotions, site's issues, etc. All emails only are about our site's services and so on.

     1.6. We collect and process your Phone Number to contact you only when you request it from us.


 2 - Cookies : 

     2.1. AzoBux uses cookies to enhance internet user's experience on the Web.  cookie is a small text file that stored on your PC for the purpose of identifying your browser. We might use the session cookies  that expires when you shut off your browser and persistent cookies that stays on your PC, They could be removed from the web browser by clearing cash and data by you, manualy. Just to provide you with extra personal and interactive experience with the website. 

    2.2. Your browser must accept cookies.

    2.3. You allow us to use cookies to store any session, unique identifiers, preferences, or any other data that will help us among others to identify you as a visitor or logged in member, and provide you with the best browsing experience at our site.


  3 - Username and names :  

     3.1. Your Name will be kept hidden by default from other users.

     3.2. Your username will always be displayed in the Forum, etc. . but your real name/last name will not be displayed anywhere.


  4 - User Account :  

    4.1.  Your email addresses will not be shown, given or sold.

    4.2.  Your payment processor email addresses will only be used for us to send you your requested payments and to confirm what you purchase.

    4.3. Your personal email address will only be used for azobux to communicate with you about site's information and services.

    4.4. Your password will be stored in an irreversible format.

    4.5. Your password will never be shown, sold or given.

    4.6. Conversations between you and our support are private. You are not allowed to publicly display them anywhere.


  5 - Advertisements : 

     5.1. is not responsible for any of the contents in advertisements displayed at azobux. This applies to all advertisement information we may display.

     5.2. It's your responsibility when you click an advertisement link, click a link inside the advertisement page or browse its contents.

     5.3. All advertisements are the responsibility of its advertiser and you must comply to their own Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

     5.4.  We also work with third parties to display their ads, offers, surveys and so on, This parties Ad servers or Ad networks use technology to the advertisements and links, banners that appear on Azobux send directly to your browsers.

     5.5. They automatically receive your IP address when this occurs. Other technologies ( such as cookies, JavaScript, etc ) may also be used by the third-party Ad networks to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and / or to personalize the advertising content that you see.

     5.6. AzoBux has no access to or control over these cookies that are used by third-party advertisers. but we sure it is safe for us "Azobux" and you "User".  They cannot acsess your sensetive information.  Except on surveys you may provides your information by your agreement and will, Many surveys are targeted to specific professional profiles. Therefore, we collect and process your professional details as it is necessary for our performance of a contract where you as a user are a party.

     5.7. If you do not aguree to this please do not use our service. 


  6 - Data Security : 

     6.1. When new user register on our site all what they required to provide us is a username/name, email address, password. email adresess are not visible to anyone at azobux except to us ( AzoBux Staff ).  users cannot see each other  emails. 

     6.2. We use their emails sometimes to inform them about our site updates, contests, promotions etc... we dont share, give or sell their emails.

     6.3. When a user orders from Azobux, his/her personal data transmissions are encrypted and all of the user's personal information is protected. Azobux uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for encrypting all personal information, including name, address and credit card numbers. (usually credit card are not used here)

     6.4. All of our user's Data is protceted , We never share it with anyone. 

  7 - Why Do We Collect Personal Information :  

     7.1. Azobux collect personal information to enable us to manage, maintain, and develop our business and operations, or to respond to direct inquiries from you.

     7.2. to establish, maintain and manage our relationship with you so that we may provide you with, or receive from you, products and services.

     7.3. to be able to review the products and services that we provide to you so that we may understand your requirements for our products and services and so that we may work to improve our products and services.

     7.4. to be able to review the products and services that we obtain from you so that we may work with you and so that you may understand our requirements for such products and services.

    7.5. to be able to comply with your requests (for example, if you prefer to be contacted at a residential by telephone number and advise us of your preference,  we will use this information to contact you at that number).

    7.6. to enable us to operate and manage our business, including research and development of new and existing products and services.

    7.7. to protect us against error, fraud, theft etc.

    7.8. to enable us to comply with applicable laws or regulatory processes.

    7.9. to protect our rights under agreements; and any other reasonable purpose to which you consent.


  8 - Email use : 

      8.1.  We use your email to notify you about any changes at azobux, promotion,  information about updates, site specials and issues with the site.  etc.. your email will be used only inside Azobux and will be never given to third party or sell it. it is safe.


  9 - How Do We Use and Disclose Your Personal Information : 

We may use or disclose your personal information:

    9.1. for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

    9.2. for any additional purposes for which we have obtained your consent to the use or disclosure of your personal information. and we will never share your information such as email, credit card and phone numbers, etc..


 10 - Accounts Termination : 

      10.1. Payment processor dispute, claim on you, or chargeback will result in permanent account suspension. 

      10.2. Inappropriate actions in an attempt to cheating, hacking, steal, fraud, system abuse, any action that would violate the TOS, and inappropriate conduct in our forum or to other members will result in account suspension.

      10.3. Using programs such as proxies, VPS, VPN, shared network environments and auto-click software are not allowed and if we found out that you doing it, believe us we will, then it will result in account suspension.

      10.4.  Posting / adding banners or backlinks on our forum will lead you to an immidiate suspension without any notice, and if you just sign up to post your referral's link  or banners of other websites we consider you a greedy. instead doing that, ask us to give you some cash if you are needy. 


  11 - Paid to Sign Up Offers/Tasks & Micro Jobs Terms :  

      11.1. Members whom submitting any fake or false information on Paid to Sign Up offers will result in the offer being denied and possible account suspension.

     11.2. Advertisers found falsely denying valid member signups will result in forfeiture of advertising credits and possible account suspension, you must give the honest users their rights.

     11.3. Members that receive 5 number of denied signups will have their accounts flagged and not be able to participate in Paid to Sign Up offers.

     11.4. Advertisers have the right to deny your job if they're not satisfied with your work, therefore you must follow the instructions very good and work honestly. Again, If you get rejected 5 times for submitting false details , you will no longer can acsess PTSU.

  12- Account's Selling/Renting :  

    12.1. Azobux do not allow anyone to sell or rent their accounts. In the event you attempt to sell or rent your account, the account will be limited with no access and be locked. Azobux is free to join and the selling or renting of your account to make a profit from your activities here is strictly prohibited and it lead you to account suspention.

13 - disclaimer : 

     13.1.We are NOT responsible for any advertisement's content that you see at Azobux.

     13.2. It is your responsibility after you click an advertisement link, click a link inside the Ad page or browse what it contains.

     13.3. All advertisements are the responsibility of their advertiser and you must comply to their own Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

     13.4. You are not required to invest on our site. we ' azobux ' are not responsible for anything you do by your own decision. Such us deposit, buy ads etc..! but we are only responsible for paying you when you do any legal work with us fairly with no cheat. We never take anyone's right. 


Note: We have the right to change our TOS at anythime. We always will inform you about any TOS changes. The changes may include editing, adding, and/or deleting parts of the terms and conditions. and you can continue using our services only if you aguree to our updated terms again.



   DMCA Notice   

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