About Kiwi Wall and OfferToro Wall Published on 09-08-2018

Hi dear members

We want to inform you that Kiwi and OfferToro takes some time to approve your task and send the credit to your account. so dont worry just work normale and you will get paid %110. Other offerwalls pays instant. 


Attention Dear Members Published on 07-08-2018

Dear members:

Please DO NOT click the ANTI-BOT ad. it is for users who use bots. if you click it you get banned automatically. make sure you never click it. it looks like this picture:


Please enable cookies Published on 05-08-2018

Hello dear users, Please accept and enable cookies for the best performance working with us. 


Payments will be sent on the 5th and 10th' Published on 03-08-2018

Hi dear users, we want to let you know that all Payments will be sent on the 5th and 10th' . Thanks!


New Games Added - $0.0001 per 3 minutes game session. Published on 02-08-2018

Hello dear members, We are happy to let you know that we've added 4 new games so you can earn more by playing games. Visit Games section here: http://www.azobux.net/?view=azogames


Timer Bar is working now Published on 20-07-2018

Hello dear users. 

We would like to notify you that Timer Bar is  working. 

We are fixed it. 


Attention please dear users Published on 13-07-2018
You may see "Account Suspended" note that is not your account has been suspended. We did updates and make the site more safe for you.  When you see "Account Suspended"  it does not mean your account suspended. It’s our account suspended on our hosting and all users faced this. Site should be running without any issues in few hours. So you are not suspended.  When you see account suspended just open the site in a new tab. 
We back now Published on 12-07-2018

Hi dear users, Our site is back to work now, after was offline due doing updates and securing it. we apologise for any inconvenience and thanks for understanding.


Posting Payment Proof is Required Published on 07-07-2018

As we see we have been paying thousands of users and most of them they dont post their payment proof. We decided to hold your next payment if you dont post your payment previous payment proof. PLEASE READ OUR TOS

 3: Payment to/from AzoBux terms :  refer to : 3.10

it is required to post the proof on our forum. if you not happy. dont use our service.


Points contest winners Published on 06-07-2018

Hi, first, congrats for the winners of Points Contest. i want you to know your payments will be sent to you at multiple times. e,g. You won $50? we will pay you $5 every week. 


Be Patience if you have any request or anything Published on 04-07-2018

Our staff are going to be busy for at least 3 days. Please if you have any question or something contact us and wait for respond which you expect it to be delayed a bit. 

 - We apologize for any inconvenience


Coming Payment Time Published on 04-07-2018

Hi there, we would want to let you know that all payments has been sent to some users. Now after you requset payment you may wait between 48 Hours to 7-10 days to receive it. 


Check winners in Points Contest Published on 04-07-2018

Hi There everyone,

The points Contest has been ended, all accounts of the winners has been updated. check if you won anyhting:http://www.azobux.net/points_contest.php?contest=3

We have added pollfish surveys Published on 01-07-2018

Hi, if you are surveys fan and you want to make money completing them? 

We have added SaySo Rewards Surveys that you find on our Offerwalls page. and pollfish surveys.

To use pollfish surveys just click on Circle Widget on the home page of Azobux on the right site. then start completing surveys that pay hight.


Lucky Box has been added Published on 30-06-2018
We just added Lucky Box, its similiar to clixgid.
How it works? LuckyBox is easy to play. Just click on any box to win prize randomly that will reflect to your account immediately. Each box will open up a sponsor site that you will have to view for some time. After this time has passed you will know if you are a winner or not.
You can win Main Balance amount, Purchase Balance amount, Banner credits, PTC credits, Featured Ad credits, Featured Link credits, Extra chances!!!  Visit here: http://www.azobux.net/?view=luckybox
SaySo Reward offerwall added Published on 30-06-2018

Hi azobux members,

We just added SAYSO REWARDS offerwall. So you can make more money doing surveys daily. 


Earn playing games at AzoBux Published on 26-06-2018

We recently added games, and you get paid for playing each game. watch the sort video:

Check bonus for surfing sites on Traffic Exchange Published on 26-06-2018
Bonust after you surf sites on Trafic Exchange:
80 Clicks - 60 Points bonus  + 1 point for each visit. (140 point in Total).
50 Clicks - 40 Points bonus  + 1 point for each visit. (90 point in Total).


Payments Published on 25-06-2018

Hi dear AzoBux users,

I would like to let you know that we will send the payments before the end of this month. 3 days from now. 


Good news - Play games and earn cash! Published on 15-06-2018

Now you can earn money playing games easy, There is rules you must read it before you start eaning from games. this rules are as follows:

You must play and complete 3 minutes in the game and you'll earn $0.001 per game ( 3 min ).  Credit go to your main balance after 3 minutes in each game you play. You must not block advertisements. You can play each game every 24 hours. up to 60 game a day. Note: we may increase daily games amount later. You only get paid for 3 minutes playing time in every game, extra time wont be credited, you can have fun. ;)

- Visit this link and start earning now : http://www.azobux.net/?view=azogames



#2 - Points Contest is on going still - $50.00 Published on 07-06-2018

We started a new Points Contest, You can win $50.00. This promo will end on 2018-07-03

Check Here:  http://www.azobux.net/points_contest.php?contest=3  for Prizes.

How you earn points?

40 Points for surfing 50 sites on Traffic Exchange daily.

10 points for every new Direct referral.

20 points for every 1 dollar Deposited.

1 point for every Ad click - Click Daily.

1 point for every PTSU completed.

2 point for completing each offers, surveys etc..

1 point when posting on our forum.

5 Points per each direct referral

20 points per dollars for upgrade value

1 Point clicking Points Ads


Complete few offers before requesting payments Published on 07-06-2018

Hi Dear members

I would like to remind you about completing offers on our offerwalls and payment requests requirement.

- Please, complete few offers before you request your payment. Complete any of the offers you like. at least 15% of your payment are from offerwalls. Minimum earning from offerwalls must be not less than $0.80.  Please check out our here: TOS and refer to 3: Payments,  3.12.

Thanks for understanding.


Payments request requirements . AGAIN. Published on 03-06-2018

We are holding some payment because of ignoring our TOS. Update 3-06 -2018.

We have a new rule related to cashout: It is as follows:

From today: 2018 / 05 / 07 , It’s required to have at least %15 to 20% of your earnings comes from our OfferWalls. We will check all accounts when they request payment and find out if you worked on our offerwalls or not. if you work on our oferwalls here is : High 5.  and you will receive your payment with in few hours. and if you did'nt do any offer on the offerwalls we will cancel your payment until you participate on it. and get at least %15 to %20 of your earning come from the offerwalls.and we will pay you. Also, it is required to upload payment proof on our forum. otherwise your payment will be in hold untill you post your previous payments. 

 The AzoBux Team. 

Points contest ends. Congrats for the winners Published on 01-06-2018

The points contest has been ended and all the winners accounts has been updated. 

check top 20 : http://www.azobux.net/points_contest.php?contest=2


New Games Has Been Added Published on 29-05-2018

Hi dear members

We've added a new high quality of game that may interest you. check the games here: http://www.azobux.net/?view=azogames

 The AzoBux Team