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Today was abuamine day - He won $100.12
Published on 18-01-2018
!! NEW !! Traffic Exchange Is Here. Check out
Published on 17-01-2018

We have added Traffic exchange option to our system, therefore i would like to show you the prices, you can buy points and add your links then watch traffic you will receive and also signups to get referrals as well.

here is the packs:

$0.75 = 5000 TE Credits
$1.25 = 10000 TE Credits
$2.50 = 25000 TE Credits
$4.25 = 50000 TE Credits
$7.50 = 100000 TE Credits
$15 = 250000 TE Credits
$25.50 = 500000 TE Credits
$45 = 1000000 TE Credits

Payment Request
Published on 05-01-2018

Please, if you request a payment on PERFECT MONEY , Please allow 7 to 10 days for the payment to be received. thank you.

Too much cheating that our system detected - please read
Published on 05-01-2018

ARE YOU CHEATER OR HACKER? IF YES THIS MESSAGE IS ONLY FOR YOU. WE HATE SCAMMERS AND CHEATERS.  you are ugly! Don’t try to cheat but ask us we will give you free money if you need instead cheating.

Our system has detected some cheaters lately .

Let me tell you this : Why do you try to cheat and don’t work normal as all other members. Remember we are friends and friends don’t cheat on each other. If you cheat 1 time we won’t count it but our system keep tracking your activities.  if our system catch you again trying to hack it or cheat , you will be banned immediately without noticing you. and all your incomes will be reset to 0.00$. And we won’t be friends anymore. don’t come back to us. We hate cheaters. We work only with real good people.

Keep in mind, our system Is very sensitive and effective, it will stop you from any ugly kinds of cheating.

You are being warned!

Attention Please!
Published on 04-01-2018

We are having temporary work with Perfect Money payment method, So please allow some time for your requested payment if you requested already, or add your PayPal to send you your payment there. we will notify you when Perfect Money payment work is done.


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